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Undetected Fling Mods for PC Games

At FLiNG Mods, we create excellent game trainers to enhance your gaming experience. We have over 165 trainer hacks, all developed to reduce the number of hours you spend fussing over each level. Playing with our software offers you a wide variety of features, cheats, and other hacks rarely enjoyed in other trainers.

What distinguishes our trainers from the others include unlimited features like health, jump power, agility, and XP. Furthermore, you can enjoy instant crafting time, one-shot kills, instant reload, among others.

Our trainer offers infinite inventory, advanced weaponry, and other in-game resources. They are free and compatible with any PC.

How to use our game trainer menu

One of the advantages of using our game trainer is how it eases any gaming experience. We understand the feeling of frustration that comes with setting up most game trainers. Therefore, we ensure that we make our software as user-friendly as possible.

To use the FLiNG software, first, you need to download the software program from our site. Afterward, you can install and launch the program. When downloading our game trainer, we always suggest that you click on your system’s compatible version.

We recommend that you launch the manager first before you start the game. When you play your game, using any of our game trainers, a series of keyboards will be displayed on our screen, where you can input your favorite cheat codes.

Why should you use our trainer?

These days, game developers want to make their games as challenging as possible. However, many game players detest spending hours trying to get through a difficult stage. We build our software in response to the mounting difficulties game players experience in playing their favorite games.

By using our software, you stand to gain many benefits. First, the trainer offers you access to a wide range of unlimited resources like health, agility, money, XP, etc. You won’t have to worry about spending on premium game packages when you can enjoy our trainers free features.

In most of our game trainers, players are equipped with an infinite inventory. This inventory provides players with unlimited money, weapons, etc.

Our game trainer offers players some in-game perks like setting game speed and selecting their preferred level. Additionally, we urge players to use our game trainer because it exposes them to a whole new experience they won’t witness using the conventional game player.

How to download and install the game trainer

To download a game trainer, the player has to follow a series of steps.

  • A player must understand the in-game requirements.
  • You should ensure that your PC runs on software compatible with the game trainer.

Most of our game trainers run on Microsoft Windows 7, 8, and 10. Instead of surfing the net searching for a compatible trainer for your system, our website offers various versions of a game trainer. To download, click on the download button on our site.