About Us

If you seek a game trainer that provides good hacks to beat every game, FLiNG Mods is the right place for you. Since our inception, we have been offering solutions to gaming difficulties encountered by players. We have successfully put over 165 game trainers on our site.

As new games are launched, we ensure that our developers update the hacks and cheats. Our site is updated regularly to accommodate new updates and fix bug issues. Every game trainer is intricately designed to solve the in-game problems for our users.

Fling Mods have a massive array of features that makes your game seamless. For example, we include player features like unlimited health, a full bar of XP, infinite jump power, money, and instant crafting ability.

Furthermore, using our game trainer gives you access to an inventory that supplies weapons, resources, and food. So, instead of spending hours searching the internet for cheats, you can visit our site and download our dedicated game trainers.

Get instant cheats

Our goal is to provide you cheats and hacks that make you complete every phase of the game without breaking a sweat. We release our game trainers based on user requests. When providing our hacks, we have our developers do in-depth research, identifying and proferring solutions to all in-game difficulties.

Besides, we have compiled a massive list of features that remedies every situation you encounter in the game for game. Therefore, we design our game trainer to display an on-screen keyboard where you can type in your codes at any point in the game.

Depending on the game’s nature, we have 20+ features for players, inventory, enemies, weapons, crafting, etc. Our cheat trainer is easy to use. The cheat codes are prompt and deliver your commands to the letter. To enjoy the cheat codes, always understand the various combinations available.

Get updates

We discovered that players’ most common complaints are the lack of updates from developers of game trainers, lack of certain features, or in-game ability. However, we assure you that our game trainer will change your notion about the game. Our site is periodically updated with the latest features for every game. So, you do not have to worry about your game trainer refusing to update or work with your game.

At Fling Mods, we pride ourselves on our quick release of updates, keeping you abreast of all major innovations in the game.

Our Games Trainers are free

We believe that your gaming experience should be pleasurable in all ramifications. In this respect, our game trainers come without a cost. Nowadays, there is hardly any game that does not often come with in-game purchases on the high side. This results in players who cannot go through the game to the end because of the costs.

We understand the plight of many players who spend exorbitant prices, making in-game purchases or buying premium packages. Therefore, from the point of download to installation and use, you will realize no in-game purchases or charges for you.