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  • Game Version: All
  • Compatibility: Windows 7, 8 and 10
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How to Download & Use The Trainer

  1. Download the zip file with the button below.
  2. Extract/unpack the folder from the zip file to your desktop.
  3. Start the "FLiNG Trainer.exe" application in the folder.
  4. Choose your cheat settings and enjoy!
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Epic mod menu that works for all games in my Steam library. No game bans, and it's free! Can't go wrong with this trainer. Thanks Fling.

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I love this trainer. It even works while streaming on Twitch. 10/10!

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I've used Fling trainer cheat for about a year now and it's seriously an amazing piece of software. Constant updates, no bans so far and tons of features.


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Trainer Features

Download our Dishonored 2 trainer and get access to eleven spectacular features you can enjoy.


  • Unlimited Health: When players run out of health, they wait to automatically regenerate or use a health vial. However, they stand a chance of getting hit by an enemy at this critical time. Thanks to the Dishonored 2 trainer, players will enjoy unlimited health while playing.
  • Unlimited Mana: Mana gets drained when players use a new skill. Although it regenerates in a few seconds, it will be lost if you use another skill before it regenerates. The trainer gives you unlimited mana for free.
  • Unlimited Breath: Breath makes it easy to stealthily pull in the enemies and bring them down at once. You can get so much of it for free.
  • Invisibility: As a stealth game, this cheat is set to enhance your excitement by enabling invisibility for your character.


  • Unlimited Health Potions: Sokolov’s Elixir is a limited in-game health potion. This trainer gives unlimited health potions to players.
  • Unlimited Mana Potions: Mana potions can restore all manas. With this trainer, players can earn unlimited mana potions.
  • Unlimited Runes: Runes are used to improve players’ abilities, and higher abilities require more runes. Players can get an unlimited supply of this by using the trainer.
    Unlimited Coins: Players can earn coins by completing quests and collecting pouches and coins. Trainer Cheat offers unlimited coins to players.


  • Custom Jump Height: Players can increase their jump height as high as possible to see their character go with this cheat.


  • Unlimited Ammo: Players are initially given 10 Ammos. Although this can be upgraded, you wouldn’t have to bother when using the trainer to provide access to unlimited ammo.


  • Easy Kills: Whether you are vested with so much power or not, you can make easy kills with this trainer.
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About Dishonored 2

Dishonored 2 is both a stealth and an adventure game released in 2016 by Bethesda Softworks. The game focuses on reclaiming a lost throne from a Witch, Delilah Copperspoon. The gamer can use either roleplay as Emily – the Empress, or her father, her royal protector – Corvo Attano.

In this game, players can complete missions through multiple strategies, from non-violent stealth means to intentionally violent means. As a sequel to Dishonored, this new version came with a voice for the character, Corvo Attano. The game is directed by Harvey Smith and developed by Arkane Studios.

Why Use a Trainer for Dishonored 2?

The trainer is an interesting program that spices up a game by giving players unusual access to modified features in the game.

Outstanding Features

The Dishonored 2 trainer brings you eleven exciting features. Players can access an unlimited supply of ammo, runes, potions, breathe, mana, health, coins, and other supplies. Each of these features increases their chances of defeating enemies and reclaiming the throne.

Complete stages fast

Dishonored 2 is a great game. However, many players fail to get to the stage where they can successfully reclaim the throne, while some merely do so after a series of trials. This trainer gives you the chance to record consecutive victories on the game at a fast pace.

Free to Download

Engaging in an activity that keeps you so glued to your PC for hours will most likely cost you some money. Nonetheless, this trainer allows you to enjoy so much fun at no cost.

No Malware

Another feature to appreciate here is that the trainer is free of malware. Your PC and game will remain safe. Although some antivirus software may detect it, there is certainly no reason to worry. It is a third-party program, and as such, it can be detected as a virus.

Makes it easier

Whether you choose to use your abilities or not in the game, you will realize that completing quests and defeating Delilah without assistance can be a lot of work. With features like unlimited ammo and breath, easy kills, custom jump heights, and invisibility, players can reclaim the lost throne with ease.

How Does the Trainer work?

Trainers use addresses and values to alter the memory of a game such that it can help the player cheat in the game. As mentioned above, the Dishonored 2 trainer is packaged with 11 fascinating features, including unlimited coins, breath, health, ammo, mana potions, health potions, and runes. Other features are invisibility, custom jump heights, and easy kill. It works perfectly on Microsoft Windows 7, 8.1, and 10.

Every day, this trainer is updated to ensure that it runs smoothly and is not detected on your PC. Better yet, you can download it for free and installed it on the PC to function as a third-party program with the game. This way, it might be detected to be a virus. However, it is entirely free from any malware.
Every feature offered on this trainer can work correctly and simultaneously to help players defeat the witch. Also, it is easy to use and understand.