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How to Download & Use The Trainer

  1. Download the zip file with the button below.
  2. Extract/unpack the folder from the zip file to your desktop.
  3. Start the "FLiNG Trainer.exe" application in the folder.
  4. Choose your cheat settings and enjoy!
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Epic mod menu that works for all games in my Steam library. No game bans, and it's free! Can't go wrong with this trainer. Thanks Fling.

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I love this trainer. It even works while streaming on Twitch. 10/10!

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I've used Fling trainer cheat for about a year now and it's seriously an amazing piece of software. Constant updates, no bans so far and tons of features.


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Trainer Features

The mission of your character in Darkest Dungeon is to reclaim your family’s estate. However, the process is daunting and filled with challenges that can halt your plans. The game is designed as a gothic crazy-like turned RPG, which deals with the psychological stresses of those you hired to help you clear the land of evil.

The Darkest Dungeon trainer can help you ease off the stress without going down and offers you unlimited resources to keep your heroes going stronger even during fierce combats. Take your heroes through the worst combats without losing them to the evil creatures with the game trainer.

The trainer has the following features:


  • Unlimited Health: The trainer offers your character unlimited health to keep you going no matter the stress level.
  • No Stress: Since the game is about handling stress, you can use the No Stress feature to eliminate the stress challenges on your characters.


  • One-Hit Kills: You do not need to waste ammo when you attack this evil creature. You hit once, and the opponent dies.


  • Max Torch Light: Darkest Dungeon deals with darkness, and you need the Max Torch Light feature to find every creature.
  • Min Torch Light: The trainer gives you access to minimum torchlight if it can work to your advantage.
  • Unlimited Torch Light: Your character cannot run out of torchlight during the quest to fish out and kill every evil creature you mistakenly released.


  • +5K Gold: You have access to enough gold that would fetch you resources to get your heroes equipped and give them an undue advantage.
  • +100 Busts: With the trainer, you have access to use more than a hundred busts.
  • +100 Portraits: You have the privilege of using the portrait feature.
  • +100 Deeds: Take advantage of this hack while playing the game without a struggle.
  • +100 Crests: The trainer offers you more than+100 Crests.
  • +100 Shards: Imagine what this feature can do for you during combats. You get it free when you download the game trainer.
  • +100 Memories: The game trainer offers you enough memories to keep you going with an advanced strategy to clear your name.
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About Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon is an award-winning game that has sold over two million copies. It was released by Merge Games in 2016 as a role-playing game, which manages some heroes in turn-based combat. The game happens in a real-time movement that ensures that the stress level of the roster of heroes is healthily maintained during combat and explorations.

The excitement of inheriting an estate inspired the player to excavate catacombs and dungeons beneath the highly-prized manor for clues. Unfortunately, some wicked creatures and terrifying monstrosity were released.

You have to recruit some selected adventurers to help you cleanse your estate from these vile creatures. When you download Darkest Dungeon trainer, this mission becomes more fun and easier.

Why Use A Darkest Dungeon Trainer?

Why stress your energy and waste more time playing the game when you can use the Darkest Dungeon trainer to conquer all levels? In your quest to reclaim your family’s estate, you need to recruit men and women, train them, and lead them through ruins. Forgotten warrens, twisted forests, and crypts are the places no human should ever enter.

Darkest Dungeon leaves you battling stress, diseases, vile creatures, encroaching dark, and famine. You do not want to lose your best men and women for good in this quest. With the game trainer, you worry less about going down or losing the battle.

Unmonitored stress levels can cause your character to suffer a heart attack, which can lead to death. The trainer eliminates the stress level that poses as the most dangerous pointer in the game. You have unlimited resources to fight all the released terrifying monstrosity and vile creatures.

The trainer is safe to use as we regularly update it to save you from the anti-cheat software. Also, it’s free to download.

How Does The Trainer Work?

The Darkest Dungeon trainer works only on Windows 7, 8, and 10. To enjoy the cheat codes, you must download the trainer on your system. The download is easy and happens with one click. When you download the trainer, install the trainer app and start it.

The mod menu app opens up many games for you, and you should find the Darkest Dungeon and click on play. Once the game has loaded, you can enable the cheats on your game. If the version of the trainer is not compatible with your system, update the software. This takes a few minutes to do.